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Early Intervention Services

We help states build effective systems for the provision of evidence-based and equitable early intervention services under IDEA (Part C) for infants and toddlers with developmental delays and disabilities, and their families. Our approach is to build capacity, form strong partnerships, be flexible to meet client needs, and provide high quality deliverables that make a difference.  Here are examples of how we help state early intervention programs:

Identify Financing Opportunities

We help states maximize revenue, including Medicaid and other potential federal, state, and local funding sources. We advise states regarding efficient and effective finance strategies, including how to better access available public and private payors; and address provider reimbursement challenges.

Develop Effective Policies

Working with state lead agency staff and key stakeholders, we review and revise policies and guidance documents to ensure that they are in compliance with federal regulations, and are clear and useful for EI providers. 

Conduct Strategic Planning

We help states focus efforts and maximize resources by facilitating the development of a 2-3 year strategic plan.  We work with state staff and stakeholders to conduct a SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results) appreciative inquiry process, convene a 1-2 day meeting, and develop an actionable strategic plan with clear goals, objectives, tasks, and timelines.

Improve System Components

We conduct a 360° review of your program’s effectiveness and compliance with federal system requirements, that includes: general supervision and monitoring (including readiness for federal DMS – Differentiated Monitoring and Support) visits; data collection and reporting; comprehensive system of personnel development; fiscal management; and using implementation science to promote evidence-based practices. We research national best practices and gather information on the experiences of other states. 

Facilitate Stakeholder Discussions

We facilitate discussions with Interagency Coordinating Councils (ICCs) and other stakeholders to address issues and challenges that states are grappling with, mediate contentious topics, obtain input on policy or system changes, and build collaborative partnerships with other state agencies and organizations. 

Decades of Experience

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Brad Hutton and Andy Gomm have decades of early intervention experience, including leading their state’s Early Intervention (Part C) Program in New York and New Mexico, and serving as President of the IDEA Infant Toddler Coordinators Association. Both were instrumental in promoting early intervention improvement efforts, implementing evidence-based practices, and increasing system-wide efficiencies.

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