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Early Intervention Program Support

We help states meet the complex administrative requirements of Part C of IDEA: Early Intervention Program for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities, provide context on what has been effective or not in other states, and develop actionable steps to identify financing opportunities, improve efficiencies, update policies, facilitate stakeholder discussions, and manage strategic planning.

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Environmental Health Strategies

We use the latest scientific research, evidence-based programs and understanding of state and federal regulations to help organizations reduce environmental health risks by advising on strategies, and developing plans to improve drinking water quality and protect against lead poisoning, emerging contaminants including PFAS, and microbial pathogens such as Legionella.

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Expert Review & Testimony

We have public health consultants, including infectious disease epidemiologists and physicians, available to provide expert review and testimony in various aspects of public health including, but not limited to, prevention and control strategies to prevent transmission of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases; healthcare administration; environmental health; water quality; early childhood programs; tobacco control; vaccine mandates; and healthcare-associated infections.

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Infectious Disease Response 

We have significant experience investigating infectious disease outbreaks, developing various guidance documents, implementation plans, and standard operating procedures related to communicable diseases for use by health departments, clinical providers, healthcare facilities, schools, colleges, businesses, and the public. We also work with public health organizations to conduct an After Action Review (AAR) to evaluate response efforts, assess strengths, and identify opportunities to improve collaboration, communication, and execution. 

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Public Health Surveillance

We have expertise in communicable disease surveillance including wastewater testing and information systems such as the National Electronic Disease Surveillance System Base System, Immunization Information Systems, National Syndromic Surveillance Program, and the current federal Data Modernization Initiative. We work with clients and national public health associations to effect vast needed improvements in our systems to monitor and track communicable diseases in the United States. 

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Workgroup Facilitation

We frequently facilitate expert workgroups and lead policy discussions both in person and virtually for national, state, tribal, local, and territorial stakeholders. We are adept at facilitating discussions on controversial and complicated topics, and ​provide turn-key workgroup support including agenda planning; compiling notes and action items; and developing written products from complex workgroup discussions to inform decision-making and advance organizational initiatives.

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