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You Shouldn't Take These Vitamins to "Protect" Against COVID

Wouldn't it be great if the solution to preventing COVID was popping a daily vitamin? There's still a lot of misconceptions about COVID-19 out there and while taking supplements can have great benefits, especially if you're deficient in an essential vitamin, chances are they won't shield you from the potentially deadly virus. However, staying healthy and keeping a strong immune system does help battle COVID and vitamins sales have skyrocketed as people turn to them in an effort to avoid getting the disease . . .

Brad Hutton, M.P.H., Public Health Consultant and Infectious Disease Epidemiologist with Hutton Health Consulting states, "While it would be exciting if vitamin supplements were shown to help prevent COVID-19, there is no evidence to show this is the case. Two recent studies examined vitamin D supplementation in the United Kingdom and Norway and failed to show a protective effect, although the studies were confounded by the rollout of COVID-19 vaccination efforts. Vitamin C and zinc have not been well studied for the prevention of COVID-19, but one small study in 2021 was ended early when it did not find that they shortened the recovery time when taken soon after COVID-19 infection."


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